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Leona Van Vaerenbergh

Leona Van Vaerenbergh
University of Antwerp
Arts and Philosophy
Applied Linguistics
Translation and Interpreting
O. L. V. van Lourdeslaan 17/5
B-1090 Brussel · Belgium

Klaus Schubert

Klaus Schubert
Universität Hildesheim
Institut für Übersetzungswissenschaft und Fachkommunikation
Universitätsplatz 1
D-31141 Hildesheim · Germany

Editorial Board

Sabine Bastian, Leipzig
Jan Engberg, Århus
Juliane House, Hamburg
Heike E. Jüngst, Würzburg
Sylvia Kalina, Cologne
Leena Kolehmainen, Turku
Lisa Link, Cologne
Rita Temmerman, Brussels
Claudia Villiger, Hanover


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trans-kom is an academic journal for translation and technical communication research published solely on the Internet. trans-kom publishes research findings and contributions to academic discourse on subjects concerning translation and interpreting, technical communication, language for special purposes, terminology, and related fields.


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Notes for Authors

Submissions are accepted in German, English, French, or Spanish. All submissions will be blind reviewed before being accepted for publication. Please format your manuscript carefully in accordance with the trans-kom publication guidelines. The detailed guidelines with example pages can be downloaded here.

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The articles and reviews published in trans-kom are listed in the catalogues of the German National Library. Thus, they can be accessed and retrieved online through international library catalogues and search engines such as Google Scholar.

Volume 10, Issue [3] (2017)

Dear readers,
being a scholarly journal of the 21st century, trans-kom on this 21st of December publishes its 21st issue, thereby completing its first decade.
Below on this page you will also find the table of contents of volume 10, issue [2] (2017).
The editors

Special Issue
Specialized Communication – the Scholarly Perspective

Guest Editor Franziska Heidrich

Franziska Heidrich

Die Fachkommunikationswissenschaft

Einführung in die Sonderausgabe von trans-kom

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Benedikt Lutz

Modelle für die verständliche Fachkommunikation
Das Spannungsfeld zwischen wissenschaftlichem Anspruch und praktischer Anwendbarkeit

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Claudia Villiger

Texte und Visualisierungen im digitalen Nutzungskontext der Technischen Kommunikation

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Marion Wittkowsky

Empirische MÜ-Forschung
Betrachtung der Sprachregulierung im Kontext regelbasierter maschineller Übersetzung (RBMÜ)

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Swenja Schum

Barrierefreiheit als Herausforderung in der Fachtextübersetzung

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Other Topics

Rafik Jamoussi

Background Knowledge Explicitation
Blueprint for a Theoretical Model

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Hinde De Metsenaere & Sonia Vandepitte

Towards a Theoretical Foundation for Explicitation and Implicitation

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Volume 10, Issue [2] (2017)

Dear readers,
On the occasion of our journal's ten-year jubilee, trans-kom will this year publish a third issue. So please remain curious about what is to come.
The editors


Carmen Heine

Nachruf auf Susanne Göpferich-Görnert

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Special Issue
Translation in Language Revitalisation

Guest Editors Leena Kolehmainen, Päivi Kuusi and Helka Riionheimo

Päivi Kuusi & Leena Kolehmainen & Helka Riionheimo


Multiple Roles of Translation in the Context of Minority Languages and Revitalisation

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Riikka Iso-Ahola

Literary Translators as Revitalisers of an Endangered Language

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Kaisa Koskinen & Päivi Kuusi

Translator Training for Language Activists

Agency and Empowerment of Minority Language Translators

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Hanna Lantto & Leena Kolehmainen

Basque-Spanish Bilinguals and Reported Speech

Translation and Code-switching in the Basque Context of Language Revitalisation

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Other Topics

Alireza Akbari & Winibert Segers

Diverse Personality Traits and Translation Quality

Preselected Items Evaluation and NEO Five-Factor Inventory

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