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ISSN 1867-4844


Band 10, Nummer [2] (2017)


Volume 10, Issue [2] (2017)

Nachruf / Obituary

Carmen Heine

Nachruf auf Susanne Göpferich-Görnert

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Themenheft / Special Issue
Translation in Language Revitalisation

Gastredakteure / Guest Editors Leena Kolehmainen, Päivi Kuusi & Helka Riionheimo

Päivi Kuusi & Leena Kolehmainen & Helka Riionheimo


Multiple Roles of Translation in the Context of Minority Languages and Revitalisation

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Riikka Iso-Ahola

Literary Translators as Revitalisers of an Endangered Language

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Kaisa Koskinen & Päivi Kuusi

Translator Training for Language Activists

Agency and Empowerment of Minority Language Translators

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Hanna Lantto & Leena Kolehmainen

Basque-Spanish Bilinguals and Reported Speech

Translation and Code-switching in the Basque Context of Language Revitalisation

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Andere Themen / Other Topics

Alireza Akbari & Winibert Segers

Diverse Personality Traits and Translation Quality

Preselected Items Evaluation and NEO Five-Factor Inventory

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